Month: April 2017

Los(t) Turistos




Rickshaws in he hutongs


Friday night at the cockroach


The climb on the great wall

Slide on our way down

Beijing weather

Great Leap Brewery

So last week passed by extremely quickly. Every day we’ve visited different parts of Beijing. The hutongs, summer palace, Beihan park, my school and so on. I wasn’t feeling very well come Thursday and had to visit the doctor but (sadly) the didn’t find anything. On Friday we went for dinner with some friends at the cockroach, beers at the german pub and later on karaoke. We had some problem finding an ATM so we were running back and forth for money as we were going on a tour the following day. We finally got home at 3.00 and got to sleep for 3 hours before getting up to go see the Ming Tombs and the great wall. It was the first time that I visited the ming tombs and I must say that they were quite the disappointment. The wall on the other hand is nice as always and we the weather was amazing. As part of our tour we had to visit a jade factory and a tea house which was pretty dull but it kept the price of the transport down. When we got home from the tour we were so tired that we almost fell asleep instantly. We ended up ordering takeout.

On Sunday we checked off the 2nd last item on our list; the Temple of Heaven. Being so close to the Pearl Market we also ended up doing some shopping. Later that night we went out for burgers and beer at my favourite place, Great Leap. After that we rounded up our week at a cool, hidden bar that has the most amazing drinks. When we finally got home we couldn’t find our keys. After some moments of panic we called a locksmith who opened the door. When we got in we found the key in Fridas bag. An interesting end to a fun day. Worth mentioning is also that the elevator has been broken for a week now and we live on the 7th floor…

Chilean embassy

Can you find the door?

Atilla the fat hun?

5 little piggies

Forbidden city

On top of the park outside the forbidden city

Forbidden city

Frozen yoghurt in the hutongs

Been a while since the last posts but the days just fly by and suddenly a week has passed without you noticing it. My weekend started very dramatically. At about 10 on the Friday we here people shouting and chairs being thrown. It turns out that a student next door has gone bananas and is throwing punches everywhere. Me and 2 other guys rush in to help holding him down and I end up getting an elbow to the face. 4 days later though it ended up being worth it as the guy was deported, I got a USB stick as a thank you from the school and we saved a younger guy from getting beaten up. After that I had lunch with Dani (a chilean girl from my class) and we went together to the embassies as I was going to the Swedish and she was going to the Chilean (they’re in the same neighbourhood). I ended up listening to a 30 min Spanish presentation on how to vote in the chilean presidential election 2017 at the chilean embassy. It was interesting seeing how the embassy and how chilean people are. For example the remind me of french people as they kiss on the cheeks when they meet.

Later that night I went out to the airport at halv past midnight. After one hour of waiting I get a text message from Frida. It turns out that her bag was left in Moscow. At the time we expected it to arrive early Saturday morning. It didn’t arrive until Sunday afternoon which meant we had to go on a shopping spree. As we got home so late (3 in the morning) we woke up quite late and the entire day was spent at Pearl Market. Luckily we had our shopping guru with us (mom) who knew all the ways to the best shops that you’d never be able to find without a guide. One was hidden behind some fake plants and the other one was inside another.  Sunday was spent in the same fashion having brunch at Solana and shopping.

Monday meant it was time for sightseeing. We (Frida) decided that we should visit 798 art district. It takes some time to get there but it’s definitely worth seeing. It’s an old abandoned military factory where they’ve opened up several hipp shops and display streetart. I bought a little motorcycle statue made of scrap metal and Frida bought a painting.

Today (Tuesday) we visited the forbidden city. It was my fifth time but it’s always nice going there. The weather was absolutely amazing as well. For the first time I visited the lookout post and it was nice, you could see the forbidden city in its entirety (see pictures above). On our way down though we managed to get lost and walked really far. Amazingly enough though we ended up in the hutongs where we wanted to be and I had frozen yoghurt.


Train stations are usually smaller and easier to navigate than airports. Except when you’re in China. Beijing has 4 train stations and they’re all the size of an airport. Makes sense though since the train rides are usually longer than most flights. Anyways, we took the train at 10 this Saturday from 北京南-station and 5 hours later we arrived in Shanghai (上海). The train trip was rather uneventful but what’s interesting about taking the train in China is that Chinese people ALWAYS have to chew on something. This means that your nose is constantly bombarded by different smells of food. I am amazed how a family can eat continuously for 5 hours but it as apparently possible. I haven’t done much this weekend except sightseeing and having drinks at skybars. Absolutely fine by me. I took the train home alone Monday night and had the Tuesday off as well as it’s tomb sweeping day. Tomorrow I’m back to school again at 8 in the morning, woho. We also have a presentation on Thursday where we’re suppose to talk about a celebrity which in my case is Morgan Freeman. I also need to hand in my passport as I need to apply for another entry into China. Will be interesting to see how it works. Friday night my friend finally arrives so I also need to start planning that. It will be an eventful weekend hopefully.

Some people might also think after reading some of my posts that I am negative towards Chinese people. Their culture is very different from the one I’ve grown up in and therefore it’s perceived as negative. The one thing that can make you extremely annoyed of Chinese people is the subway. Whenever they get on the subway a lot of them just stand in front of the door, even though there’s plenty of room in the cart. They do not move aside so you can get on which means you have to press yourself through and somehow they get annoyed because of that. Queues does not exist in China. People do not wait for you to get off the train, they will rush on as soon as the doors open. It’s an interesting country.