Month: June 2017

Stadsminister, Scorpion and Sun – Things that start with an S

Confucius temple

Ambassador’s son, Prime Minister, Ambassador, Moi


Me & Erika

It’s insane how fast time passes but we’ve now entered my last week in 中国. We got back home late last night from Pingyao and I went for a swim together with the ambassador’s son Valdemar. We had decided to go for some sightseeing so today we spent our morning at the Lama temple and at the Confucius temple. After that we headed back to Sanlitun to have lunch. On our way to the restaurant we noticed a long motorcade coming with flashing lights and sirens. We both grabbed our cameras but somehow both of us managed to fail to record it, sadly. It was definitely something worth seeing with police officers blocking the streets. We had lunch at the cockroach and headed back to the embassy. Everyone who worked there was out at the lawn to take a picture with the Swedish prime minister who’s visiting China this week to take part in the World Economic Forum in Dalian. I was also able to take a picture with him. It feels really cool to have met and spoken to the most powerful man in Sweden #hubris. After that we decided to head to Wangfujin which is a food market close to Tian’anmen Square. They sold EVERYTHING on sticks; scorpions, squid, fish, tofu. Absolutely everything. It was quite fascinating. After that we walked to Tian’anmen and took a taxi back to the cockroach (again) to meet up with some friends for beer. It’s now getting late (00:33) and I realise that I still haven’t gotten around to fix the pictures from Mongolia and Pingyao. Will probably not do it until I get home from China (sorry). Den som väntar på något gott…

Graduation day


Emil, Ebba and Mr. Dad @Teppanyaki

Tengger Desert

Graduation Lunch


Last week we visited Inner Mongolia and had a lot of fun but I haven’t been able to look at the pictures yet so on Sunday/Monday when I get back from another trip I will make a separate post about the desert. You’ll have to do with 1 picture for now from my phone.

Today was my graduation. In the schools auditorium we had the ceremony with awards, performances etc, it was fun. During the entire semester I’ve been afraid that I’ll fail and therefore I haven’t applied for student loans (CSN). It came as a big surprise when I ended up having 87, 89 and 92 out of 100 total in writing, listening and speaking respectively. After that our teacher 徐老师 invited us for lunch so we went to a traditional Beijing restaurant. The food was absolutely amazing. Since it was raining really badly me and Alex decided to go to the internet café together with Ruizhi (a korean girl). When it stopped raining I started to get home and when I finally arrived at my subway station it was poring down so badly I had to get a taxi and leave my bike knowing that I’d have to pick it up later today as I’m going away tomorrow. The rain did not stop. Ever. It just got worse. So I went to get my bike and got wet to the bone. Now we’re packing and preparing for tomorrow as my mom and I are going to Pingyao, one of Chinas ancient cities. Exciting, except for the 4 hour train ride there. Sometimes you forget how big China is.



It’s been a really long time since the last update but not much interesting has happened recently. Next week is my last school week with 3 days of school and 2 exams. As we’re going to Inner Mongolia on Friday I’ll do my exam on Monday instead which is great. Really excited about this trip, we’re going out into the desert to sleep in jurts, sandsurf, ride camels etc. Hopefully I will be able to take some nice pictures with my new camera lens.

We’ve also celebrated the national day with the Swedish embassy. It was interesting, I finally got to eat meatballs again for the first time in four months. My dad, Emil and Ebba also arrived last weekend so we’ve got a full house at the moment. Lastly I’ve also been babysitting for my mom’s colleague’s daughter which has been fun as it’s been a while since I last babysat.


Since I didn’t have many pictures for today I figured I could add one from last year when we visited North Korea which is the most recent family picture we have.

DMZ, the worlds most closely guarded border